Sub Pop & Hardly Art
Best of 2016

The year is nearly over. The year was 2016. A lot of things happened. Interspersed with the things, Sub Pop and Hardly Art managed to release a bunch of records, launch new websites (looking at you, Hardly Art), launch a podcast, keep a retail store at the Seatac airport humming along, and… Isn’t that enough? Somehow we also convinced a short handful of our friends, associates, and assorted people we know or know of to tell us the things they liked most about 2016. To see the results of that endeavor you’ve come to the right place!

Since we’re not above using our (perceived, if not actual) “influence” to try to spread good in the world, we’ve compiled a list of local (to Seattle / the Pacific Northwest) and national / international charities. If you’re in a position to donate a sum of money to one (or more) of them, it will certainly be put to use, and as a bonus you’ll feel good about yourself! Five or ten $s (or € or £…) would not be too little to give.

We at Sub Pop and Hardly Art are amazingly fortunate to work with a varied and creative roster of artists. So thanks to all the artists on the label(s), and thanks to our friends in the wider community we inhabit, in Seattle and beyond. We're grateful for all of it. With any luck, you’ll discover something in these lists that gives you many happy years of listening/watching/reading/visiting/eating/etc’ing.

Happy holidays, gang.