Sub Pop & Hardly Art
Best of 2016

Arwen Nicks

Sub Pop Podcast Producer/Host

This year Sub Pop started a podcast and I am one of the people that works on that podcast. Hello. So, I figured it would be great to make a list of 10 other podcasts that came out this year that I highly recommend.

My top ten NEW podcasts of 2016

  • 1. Unprisoned

    Okay, so I am already 100% cheating because this podcast came out in November of 2015 but idgaf. This project from the mind of the brilliant Eve Abrams brings you stories “From New Orleans and Louisiana, the world’s incarceration capital, we meet those serving time inside and outside the criminal justice system.” One week it will be someone talking about what it is like when you can’t afford a lawyer and the next will be an 8 minute story on how it is hard to date while on parole.

  • 2. Revisionist History

    I wanted to hate this show because I have always been bothered by Malcolm Gladwell. Loving him just felt so precious and kinda snotty and though I respect his brilliance, I usually hate the presentation. BUT MAN ALIVE WAS I WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. He made this 7 time college drop out really care about the morality of how much money a college spends on food for students and impressed me in every episode. This one about Leonard Cohen (it is about a lot of stuff actually) is amazing.

  • 3. Personal Effects

    This locally produced gem is from the mind and heart of Warren Langford who we have worked with on the Sub Pop Podcast and who was my intern on Sound Effect. His new show follows the tale of some real life mcguffins including a talk boy and a burger. Start with episode 1.

  • 4. More Perfect

    This is a podcast about different Supreme Court cases made by the people who make Radiolab. The legality of gay sex explored!

  • 5. In The Dark

    Yes, Serial is amazing and we shall forever bowdown to the barrier breaking badassery that is the women who make it but guess what, THERE IS A NEW GAME IN TOWN! If you like serialized real life crime podcasts - you’re welcome. This is a podcast about a 27 year old child abduction case. I’m not going to do it justice if I try and summarize all that it covers so well.

  • 6. Offshore

    Those of you who listen to the podcast have already heard me recommend it but here it is again! This show looks at two cases of murder in Hawaii and how the unique cultural and racial dynamics play into how these cases unfolded.

  • 7. Switched on Pop

    Okay, I am breaking the rules even more with this one because it started in 2014! But fuck it. I’m not usually one to recommend a show where two cis white dudes explain things to me but um... this show is incredible. It breaks down the art of pop music, explores the history of it and does both incredibly well and the two white cis dudes are terribly charming until they start talking about jazz but that doesn’t happen too often.

  • 8. Heavyweight

    Just listen. In order.

  • 9. Love Me

    These Canadian ladies are tripping me the fuck out with their weird structure and editing. Listening to this show is like being lulled into someone else’s fever dream, getting served tea which is the best tea you’ve ever had even though you are more of a coffee person and then waking up on the couch when you could have sworn you remembered going to bed.

  • 10. See Something, Say Something

    This is a podcast about being Muslim in America that is also about pop culture and family dynamics and history and comedy because it is a podcast about people and people are about a lot of things.