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Benjamin O'Connor

Sub Pop Airport Store

Top 10 ways to help your community

  • 1. Listen (Two ears one mouth) - be patient and do more listening than talking.

  • 2. Volunteer - helping others is one of the best ways to help yourself.

  • 3. Read! Americana - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; Between the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi Coates; Just Around Midnight - Jack Hamilton

  • 4. Vote! Pay attention to your local and national government and politics.

  • 5. Donate: Planned Parenthood local and national; NAACP local and national; ACLU local and national; Standing Rock, NoDAPL

  • 6. Intervene (Speak up, step in or film) if you see someone being discriminated against (Don’t be a bystander).

  • 7. Don’t ignore homeless people: even if you can’t offer money or food, your respect (acknowledgement and time) is a gift.

  • 8. Support your local music scene!

  • 9. Make time for artwork and self-expression.

  • 10. Keep learning, challenge and inform yourself!

  • This Google Document (Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice) has been a great resource in putting together this list, please check it out:

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon with Sub Pop’s Chad VanGaalen

  • Chad VanGaalen is an artist and musician from Calgary, AB

  • I grew up with a Jarome Iginla, long time captain of the Calgary Flames, poster on my wall

  • Hadn’t heard of Chad until I (Me!) started working at the SeaTac Sub Pop store and fell in love

  • Sub Pop is a record label that started as a zine down in Olympia at the Evergreen State College by Bruce Pavitt (and eventually Jonathan Poneman)

  • Travis Bacon, son of Kevin, went to the Evergreen State College with a friend of mine (Mikey B.)

  • Kevin Bacon