Sub Pop & Hardly Art
Best of 2016

Gucci Gavin (Jensen)

The Gotobeds

The Gotobeds put out a record on Sub Pop in June 2016.

The Artist Formerly Known As “Depressed Adult Male” now Gucci Gavin (Jensen) of The Gotobeds

My Top 10 “Firsts” on Tour with the Gotobeds in 2016

  • 1. Young Thug live at Sound on Sound (Austin, TX)

  • 2. Saturn Green Room, the sickest of all time (Birmingham, AL)

  • 3. Being cornered by a tin hat guy who explained how Obama, the U.N. and the Pope are using chemtrails to force us to stop working on Sundays (Bieber, CA)

  • 4. Meeting Chuck Cleaver at Shake It Records (Cincinnati, OH)

  • 5. Superfood Cold Brew Coffee at Goodonya (Encinitas, CA)

  • 6. Montucky Cold Snack (Missoula, MT)

  • 7. Caserta’s Pizza (Providence, RI)

  • 8. Papalote Vegan Chorizo Burrito (San Francisco, CA)

  • 9. Downtown Boys live at Empty Bottle Street Fest (Chicago, IL)

  • 10. Touring with Chunklet Henry (the American South)

  • Honorable Mentions: the White BBQ Sauce at Hog Heaven (Nashville, TN), Vegan Bulgogi at Depot Tavern (Minneapolis, MN), Grimey’s Records (Nashville, TN), seeing a full cooler of beer and ice get dumped on Cary while he was playing drums at some corporate radio station (Columbus, OH), La Barbecue (Austin, TX), looking in to the abyss on election night (Las Vegas, NV), Extreme Noise (Minneapolis, MN), ruining the sound guy’s night at Knitting Factory [note: we’ve ruined plenty of sound guy’s nights, just never at Northside Fest] (Brooklyn, NY), Steady Sounds (Richmond, VA), seeing Rick Froberg but being too scared to talk to him (San Diego, CA), Patatine at Patati Patata Friterie de Luxe (Montreal, QC)