Sub Pop & Hardly Art
Best of 2016

Jacob Powers

Sub Pop Airport Store

Jacob’s Good Riddance 2016, Except For This Incomplete Alphabet Of Real Things

  • A is for Arbor Labor Union

  • B is for Erik Blood’s Lost In Slow Motion

  • C is for Chui Wan

  • D is for Different Every Time The Authorized Bio of Robert Wyatt

  • E is for El Perro Del Mar’s KoKoro

  • F is for Far Out Distant Sounds Beijing Show at Lo Fi

  • G is for SeaGaze Festival

  • H is for Kristin Hersh’s Wyatt At Coyote Palace

  • J is for 줄리아드림 (Juliadream of South Korea)

  • K is for Kikagaku Moyo

  • L is for Legendary Pink Dots’ Chemical Playschool 16 & 18, 19 & 20

  • M is for Magma’s Kohnzert Zund

  • N is for Wire’s Nocturnal Koreans

  • O is for Heron Oblivion

  • Q is for Eat That Question Frank Zappa

  • R is for Minimalist Pioneer Composer Steve Reich’s 80th

  • S is for Colin Newman’s Sentient Sonics Label Reissues

  • T is for Garce Allard’s Things We Never Did Sad Lovers & Giants Book

  • U is for University of Washington’s Harry Partch Concert Series

  • V is for Most Frequented Venues this year: Lo Fi and Sunset.

  • W is for The World Of Edena By Moebius

  • Y is for Duke Of York by Hox

  • Z is for Zanadu Comics

Jacob’s Top Pen and Highlighter Highlights

  • Lucky customers at Seatac can score one of a kind “alternate” variant covers. Super rare, beyond Loser editions. Art no one bargained for, but many purchased, and possibly regret throwing out with shrinkwrap

  • Baby Louser

  • Iron and Wide Awake

  • La La Sera

  • Mass Gothitalian

  • SoundgArrrrghden

  • Depression Sherry