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Best of 2016

A list of things that made 2016 a total bummer would be the easy way out. Instead, I should focus on the positive. Here are the…

Top 10 things I experienced this year (in order of occurrence)

  • JAN godheadSilo FINALLY got back together to play some shows.

  • MAR I painted a 55’ mural overlooking Tokyo Bay at the Starbucks in Odaiba, Tokyo.

  • APR I created the art for the Elliott Smith/Pete Krebs 7” reissue on Suicide Squeeze. I can’t understate the impact both of those guys’ music had on my life.

  • MAY On a single walk through Seward Park in Seattle, I saw two bald eagles, six turtles, two rabbits, three baby geese, a great blue heron and a red winged blackbird.

  • AUG 764-HERO played Elliott Smith’s Division Day at one of Suicide Squeeze’s 20th Anniversary shows. It made me cry. Yes, I’m aware that crying at a rock show is suuuuuuper uncool.

  • AUG Also, I did all the art for Suicide Squeeze’s 20th Anniversary! The enamel pins turned out especially nice.

  • SEP On a related note, I did all the art for Polyvinyl’s 20th Anniversary. The highlight for me were the skateboard decks we did with Girl.

  • SEP On a dirt road on Kangaroo Island in Australia, I happened across a wild echidna. I even touched the little guy!

  • OCT While at a weird Kyp Malone show organized by the Seeing Trails Hike Gang in the hills of Malibu, I jumped a couple fences to see a giraffe that lived nearby. He licked my arm as I pet his nose.

  • NOV The David Bazan Christmas record FINALLY came to fruition. Not only was I asked to do the art for it, but I talked Bazan and Suicide Squeeze to release the leftover songs as an EP.