Sub Pop & Hardly Art
Best of 2016

Jim Petosa

Barsuk Records

The List

  • Best Breakfast Sandwich - Shake Shack (JFK)

    The breakfast sandwich I had at the Shake Shack in the Delta terminal at JFK was absolutely delicious. I can’t even remember what it tasted like now or put it into words, because I was so busy nodding my head and pointing at the sandwich to all the people passing by me. PROTIP: If you’re trying to figure out if you should fly home from JFK via Alaska or Delta, let me tell you the only thing the Alaska terminal has going for it is one of those claw machine games from the 90s which are fucking BULLSHIT and rigged and you will not win ANYTHING no matter how many dollar bills you put in that thing or how loud you yell at it.

  • Best Movie That No One Is Saying Is The Best Movie Because They Are Too Scared - The Intern

    Man, what a damn good movie this fucking movie is. Robert Deniro is the best in it, and he doesn’t have that moment that most stars in a romcom have where they do something so boneheaded that either -- A) it isn’t believable or B) could easily be solved with 2 minutes of conversation -- which dramatically changes the course of the movie for a good 40 minutes. He’s just an unwavering super old bad ass that figures out how to use the Mail app on his Macbook within like 2 minutes.

  • Best Black Mirror Episode - S03E01 Nosedive

    Good god, this shit is gonna come out in our lifetime and my only worry is that I’ll be too old to get a high score. My peak high score days are probably already behind me. I can’t wait for the day that this comes out and allows all of us to judge each other and come to conclusions about people we don’t know. I’m already obsessed with my Uber passenger rating, which as far as I can tell, has ZERO bearing on my life. My Uber rating just went down and it probably happened when one of you assholes asked the Uber driver for their aux cord and put on OT Genasis or some shit. I will pulverize anyone that puts my Uber rating at jeopardy.

  • Best TV Show That Isn’t Black Mirror or Stranger Things - TIED between Survivor and NFL Redzone and Shark Tank (AKA I have the TV watching habits of a 62 year old man)

    Survivor has been around for 16 years, putting out 33 seasons in that span. I have spent HALF OF MY GOD DAMNED LIFE watching Jeff Probst say “the tribe has spoken.” He has said it to EVERYONE that the tribe has spoken to. He hasn’t taken time off or gotten sick and forced Steve Harvey to fill in for an episode. That’s crazy. I miss a day of work when I sleep on my arm wrong. What’s crazier is that in those 16 years my physical appearance has declined such that Jeff Probst probably now looks younger than me. Jeff Probst is my son. I love him.

Other stuff

  • Best Seattle Band: Sloucher

  • Best Non Sub Pop Song: Slothrust - Horseshoe Crab, Pinegrove - Old Friends

  • Best Sub Pop Song: LVL UP - The Closing Door

  • Best Albums: Kanye West - Life of Pablo, Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost, Beyonce - Lemonade, David Bazan - Blanco

  • Best Movie Not Named The Intern: Hunt For The Wilderpeople

  • Best Podcast: Reply All or Revisionist History

  • Best Gif:

  • Best Music Trend: Emo Revival -- see ya later Spotify Private Session

  • Best Seahawks Moment: Seahawks 31 - Patriots 24

  • Best Mariners Moment: Mariners 16 - Padres 13

  • Best Time I Got My Inbox Down To Zero: January 14, 2016

  • Best Music Site: Stereogum

  • Best Technological Advancement: Amazon Treasure Truck

  • Best Vine That Actually Came Out In 2015 But I Don’t Care:

  • Best Spaghetti Restaurant To Close Which I’m Really Heartbroken About: Spaghetti Factory