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Best of 2016

Lauren & Jordan of SALES


Sub Pop Publishing client

Best places to eat on tour in 2016 (consistency is very important and we cannot guarantee that these restaurants will uphold their quality standards into the new year).

  • QUANG (Minneapolis, MN): the best Pho we’ve ever had.

  • HUE KY MI GA (Seattle, WA): duck noodle soup to die for and garlic chicken wings.

  • DUMPLING HAUS (Madison, WI): they started out in a mall food court, try everything.

  • TASTY N’ SONS (Portland, OR): everyone is really nice and we love eating family style, get the biscuits.

  • POUTINE LA BANQUISE (Montreal, QC): open really late and extra squeaky cheese curds.

  • SWEET PEA CAFE (Tallahassee, FL): musicians should eat their vegetables whenever they can. Sometimes old veggie platters at a venue don’t cut it. Get the “Big Salad.”

  • BEET BOX (Denver, CO): order everything but the Mediterranean sandwich is waiting for you.

  • Banh Mi Nha Trang (Orlando, FL): No. 6 “see you tomorrow.”

  • ...there are great restaurants everywhere. Thanks 2016 for all the good meals away from home.