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Best of 2016

Lindsey Kronmiller

Merge Records

Label Manager

2016 Year End Lists

  • Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook: I counted 7 sticks of butter in one cake recipe for 8 servings. Worth it.

  • Paris in May: Pas de Loup, Au Passage, Aux Deus Amis, La Buvette, Septime and Le Baratin. Basically everywhere Anthony Bourdain told us to go was magical.

  • Leuchtturm1917 notebook

  • The Dust series, The Handmaid’s Tale & Kindle daily deals on all the dystopian books I should really stop reading

  • Atlanta’s BoccaLupo

  • Taylor’s Lucky Charms ice cream. Get that man a patent!

  • Teenage Fanclub with Skylar Gudasz at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

  • Keepin’ it 1600 podcast

  • The Fruit Bats - Absolute Loser

  • Crude Bitters: reasonably priced, entertaining classes that include a history lesson and cocktail recipes. It’s a real-life Dinner Party Download experience!