Sub Pop & Hardly Art
Best of 2016

Megan Ternes

Suicide Squeeze Records

The List

  • Best GIF and moment to be a Mariners fan: Cotton Candy Girl. I mean The Kid number ceremony was cool, but c’mon, can’t beat a young M’s fan cracked out on sugar.

  • Best Live Shows: Beyonce and The Roots with Sheila E. in the same week. So yeah...not gonna top that for a while.

  • Best ‘Damn Fam’ Moment: my twin sister got into nursing school. Don’t come looking for me if you need a Foley catheter insertion!

  • Biggest Personal Victory: I tried acrylic nails in a sassy “I want to feel like a Kardashian” moment. I only nearly ripped them off in a blind rage 3 times a day for about a week before I begged the lady who did them to take them off. But I tried it, and while PAPER magazine didn’t hit me up to recreate that Kim K photoshoot, I feel as though I understand them more. Shout out to Bell Hop.

  • Best Clown Moment: Shorty’s lives another day. And like, I know it’s not really a big thing for a lot of you, but sometimes you need quarters for laundry. And if you’re lucky, there’s a friendly neighborhood clown bar with a quarter machine that’s there for you should you be 0.50 south Tide Town USA.

  • Best ‘This Sign Is Redundant and I Want to Kick It Over’ Moment.

  • Best Weekend Trip: Beach Three. Think: seaside camping, good friends, hiking, getting caught in the tides coming in too early because you read the tide charts wrong and lost track of time, swimming for your life while the ocean is crashing up against the jagged coast, surviving with only a couple of scratches AND both iPhones still in working order. Oh, vacations!

  • Best Meal $25 Will Get You: the breakfast at Willows Inn on Lummi Island. I know what you’re thinking “Meg, 25 clams for some eggs?” No, sush - you haven’t had Breakfast until you’ve had theirs and it’s by far one of the most Grammable #foodporns you’ll ever see.

  • Most Romantic Thing I Heard All Year: My love is like a candle, forget about me and I’ll burn your house down.

  • Best Hillary Clinton Pantsuit Moment: joining David and Jen at Suicide Squeeze to help make music great again...oh yeah, this is a Sub Pop best of list...shit. Oops. Nothing but love y’all!