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Phil Waldorf

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10 Best Tacos Within Walking Distance of My Office

  • 1) Migas Taco, Veracruz All Natural — Literally the perfect food. Add the green sauce. Always corn tortillas.

  • 2) Potato, Egg & Cheese, Tacos Guerro — Basically any breakfast taco here is amazing, but simplicity is sometimes best. The woman who runs it is always smiling. The dense corn tortillas are their own food group.

  • 3) Steak Taco, Pueblo Viejo — Crippling, way too much meat, and so spicy that I’m always sweating after.

  • 4) Migas Taco, Tamale House East — The migas at Tamale House East are a different food group from any other migas, anywhere. Soupy and sloppy, you need the flour tortilla to keep things reasonably organized in taco form

  • 5) Really Any Taco, Las Cazuelas — It’s all about the deep dive into the salsa bar here. Keep things basic and spice it up with the dozen or so salsa options.

  • 6) Migas Taco & one biscuit, Ciscos — An Austin classic for those days when maybe you had one two many tequilas and/or Lone Stars the night before

  • 7) Al Pastor, Rosita’s Al Pastor Taco Stand — Ok, I’ve got to admit, this would be a shitty walk. And I’ve never walked to this place, because of that. But it’s walking distance technically, and when I’m in that part of town, I love getting their al pastor tacos. Their grilled flour tortillas are perfection. This taco selection is a close toss up with their bean & cheese taco (on flour tortilla).

  • 8) Carne Asada, Las Trancas — This place has tiny tacos, so good chance to get a bunch of different flavors. If you like slightly more daring meats, they’ve got lengua, tripas and buche.

  • 9) All Breakfast Tacos, Joe’s— There’s a reason Joe’s is packed every weekend for breakfast.

  • 10) Cochinita Pibil, La Condesa — This is more of a spot if I’m meeting someone in downtown Austin and they crave Mexican food. Definitely not a grab and go spot, but if you want something a little fancy and still Mexican, this is the best choice.