Sub Pop & Hardly Art
Best of 2016

Scott Perlewitz

Minister of Information

Sub Pop Director of Radio

BEST OF 2016

  • 1) Nashville. If you haven’t been here in the last year you haven’t been here. On second thought, please don’t come. We’re full up.

  • 2) David Bowie Blackstar His life was so essential to me and I don’t feel a need to explain that. I was lucky enough to work with him and he was as wonderful as you would hope. The first of two classy exits from this mortal coil.

  • 3) Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool Another great album from one of my favorite bands of all time. Full of surprises and really great music.

  • 4) Margo Price A Midwest Farmer’s Daughter This album is so great. I listen to it all the time. Smart and articulate, it’s an update of the old Nashville country music I grew up with.

  • 5) Sturgill Simpson A Sailor’s Guide to Earth Again, a vision of old Nashville country music from an artist who was forced to make his art outside of the comfortable traditional Nashville elite. His scalding criticism of that system is a must-read.

  • 6) Nick Cave Skeleton Tree I’ve been a big fan of Nick Cave for a very, very long time and this album is so personal and heavy it’s like reading someone’s diary. Life is filled with happiness and tragedy and when you can take the darkest moments and shine a light on them and share it that’s a special gift.

  • 7) Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker The second legendary artist to pass this year while leaving us with some final parting thoughts. Again, a classy and truly astonishing gift.

  • 8) Massive Attack EPs. Ritual Spirit / The Spoils I’ve been a fan since “Blue Lines” and every release is a reason to celebrate for me. I’m especially fond of “The Spoils” with guest vocalist Hope Sandoval.

  • 9) Painting. I started out in college in pre-med and switched to fine art my Junior year. Then I went to graduate school and never picked up a brush until recently. I think everyone needs to find that thing that they can do to fulfil their creativity and for me it’s painting. I can lose myself for hours just working on something and listening to music.

  • 10) Family. If this year has taught me anything, it’s to appreciate those you chose to have around you and to treasure them. Nobody lives forever and we only get one shot at living our lives. I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been given and the joy those opportunities have brought me and wish that happiness on everyone.